The Company

D.T.W-2005 is an expert company in recovery, recycling, processing and trading non-ferrous metal scraps, with main office in Tirana, Albania.

Our company was established in 1992, is located in Tirane, Albania.

We collect (purchase), sort and process all materials we handle for trading purpose in our own scrap yard located near Tirana, equipped with the necessary equipment’s/tools like balers, metal analyzers, magnetic separator, that enables us to provide high quality materials according to international standards.

Since many years, conform EU regulations we export to Western Europe countries, regularly supplying different important well-known foundries, refineries, smelting / remelting facilities with different secondary raw materials, non-ferrous scrap.

Actually, we are oriented in exporting to Western and Central Europe countries, but mainly in Italy.


We, D.T.W 2005 sh.p.k, located in Tirana, Albania are an expert company, who's mission is collection & recycling of non-ferrous metals. Mostly our business is oriented in exporting non-ferrous metals including: lead, including used car bateries


Since many years, on our 6000 m2 plant, from which 2500 covered, we recycle mostly non-ferrous scrap, for trading purpose, mainly for export in EU countries such as France, Belgium, Italy. Since years, we export to Western Europe countries supplying different refineries/foundries with different secondary raw materials scrap metals like. Our vission is to further develop our business with strong partners, in the whole European Community and o serve as a model of a solid, innovative, and eco-sustainable company that is capable of excelling in various fields. Our goal is to create trust, wellness, and territorial integration, as well as to generate pride and loyalty among our collaborators.

Our Values


We exist and we grow based on reliability, we depend on it for the relationships we build internally and externally. All our activities and transactions are defined by responsibility, integrity and business ethics.


We operate based on the principles of Sustainable Development, with respect to people, the environment, and society, whether this has to do with our internal processes or planning and development of products, or the relationships we build with partners, providers and local communities.


We operate through teamwork, dedication to the Company and commitment towards our clients, who are at the forefront of our activity. We develop innovative solutions and we maintain longstanding relationships providing excellent customer service and offering tailor made solutions. We keep our promises to our clients, striving to achieve continuous improvement


We operate with transparency; we maintain and develop a safe workplace with equal opportunities for all. We maintain and seek open communication with local communities and all stakeholders.